Give those boys some colour!

Is it just me, or are we still trailing behind in getting some colour equality for the boys around here? Girls have been scoring well in the ‘I-can-wear-what-I-want’ stakes as more and more brands are giving girls more powerful messages, more variety in styles and sizing. But what about the boys? Still stuck in blue and grey? It’s not fair really.

So I went on a hunt for awesome boys’ clothing that is out-of-the-box, full on colour!

color changing raincoat

One key brand smashing it out of the park as far as colourful kids clothing is concerned is Boden. Check out some of these fab designs!

Boden is right on the Harry Potter bandwagon with some great colourful items for your little wizard! Check out this red sweatshirt with sequin glasses.

Keep them dry no matter the weather in this fisherman’s waterproof jacket.

La Coqueta

Need something a bit more formal than just a t shirt? This jungle print shirt is sure to wow everybody at that next big event!

they pants? Are they shorts? They’re both! Extra points for versatility, try these green zip off utility pants.

Okay, I feel like I might be betraying the post theme here, but I had to include this Colour Change Chameleon Shirt because it’s got flippable sequins on it to change the chameleon from green to red! Win!

What else is out there? You can check out these great products too!

Locally in Melbourne there is a great little brand called Roasted Fox, you should check them out! Especially when they make things like this rainbow longsleeve tee.

Free to be Kids have a great range of clothing with positive messages that challenge gender stereotypes. We love this ‘Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Curious’ tee shirt.

Another great brand is Boy Wonder with this super bright sunset print with aeroplanes.

Melissa and Doug

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