How to set up your Montessori Space

While these days can feel stressful, it does provide a positive opportunity: to review the way you house is set up for your children to play and learn. 

Many kids feel overwhelmed with the amount of ‘stuff’ around them, so by reducing the clutter and incorporating open space, you will give them more opportunity to play meaningfully with the toys and materials that are available to them. Plus you my find they are calmer as a result. Bonus!

If you are looking for some Montessori friendly furniture, check out below!

Montessori toys, materials and furniture are usually made of natural materials and encourage the child to explore and develop independence.

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Melissa and Doug

To display Montessori materials or toys, it’s best to have just a few out on a shelf so that’s clear what is available to play with and where it goes when your child is finished playing! This helps build the routine of take it out to play, put it back when finished. Lots of parents love cube shelving for this purpose because it identifies exactly where to put something and limits how many items you can put out at once. Otherwise you might just like to get a low shelf and you can space the items as you choose. 

Low Montessori Shelf
Montessori Shelf by Bodhi + Baxter

If you have storage space available, it’s worth packing away some of their toys and having a smaller selection available, and you can rotate toys in and out of their play space whenever you think it’s time to have a change. Think about getting some plastic tubs to store all the toys that you are not currently using to keep them nice if they are going out to a garage or under the house. This also keeps all the bits and pieces from toys together and you are less likely to lose them. 

Goumi Kids


Child sized table and chairs allow your child to work independently. This set from Sprout Furniture is easy to assemble and sturdy!

Sprout Furniture
Kids Table and Chair Set from Sprout Furniture

A safe and sturdy kitchen tower helps your child work in the kitchen with you!

Kitchen Tower
Kitchen Tower from Bodhi + Baxter

Whilst not strictly Montessori, Pikler triangles are a popular addition in Montessori homes for its promotion of gross motor control and balance. Check out this gorgeous set from Wood and Hearts!

Montessori furniture Set of three items Pikler Arch Pikler Ramp and Pikler Triangle
Pikler Arch, Ramp and Triangle from Wood and Hearts


A key part of developing independence is allowing your child freedom of movement, and that includes bedtime! You will see lots of Montessori educators and families advocating floor beds. While you can just put a mattress on the floor, some parents find that moisture can build up underneath leading to mould. So it can be really useful to get a floor bed, like this one from My Happy Helpers. 

Tee Pee Floor Bed
Tee Pee Floor Bed from My Happy Helpers

It’s also a good idea to having their clothing storage accessible, as this will make your child more independent in selecting clothes, putting them on, and hopefully putting them away!

This simple rack is a great tool to help kids access shirts, dresses etc

Kids clothing rack
Kids Clothing Rack on eBay


It’s also nice for kids to be able to display their books in a wau that they can easily see what’s available to read. Once they are older you can use a regular bookshelf, but for little ones you might like them to be displayed in a fabric sling shelf or a wooden version.

fabric sling bookshelf
Fabric Sling Bookshelf on eBay
wooden kids bookself
Wooden Bookshelf from eBay

So there you have it! Gorgeous furniture ideas to get your started on your Montessori journey. xx


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